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Lena Dunham Cancels Press Appearances For 'Girls' Amid Health Problems


It's t-minus 13 days until the season five premiere of HBO's “Girls,” but creator Lena Dunham won't be out celebrating anytime soon. In a Facebook post earlier today, the feminist icon revealed she's taking a break for a little while, per doctor's orders.

As fans may know, Dunham suffers from endometriosis, a condition that causes uterine lining to grow in places it shouldn't, like the bladder, fallopian tubes, or ovaries.

Though it's fairly common — affecting up to one in 10 women — it can cause some pretty nasty side effects including fatigue, severe abdominal cramping and pain during sex.

Understandably, Lena is not up for a press tour. In her post, the actress wrote,

We have faith in you, Lena.

See Dunham's post below and read more about her battle with endometriosis on Lenny Letter.

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