Lea Michele, John Stamos And 'Scream Queens' Cast Reveal What Scares Them

Just because you're an actor on a horror television series, doesn't necessarily mean you're the bravest of the bunch.

Lea Michele, who is reprising her role as Hester Ulrich (or Chanel #6) for the second season of "Scream Queens," is joined by her smokin' hot new castmates, John Stamos and Taylor Lautner, to tell the world what really scares them.


Stamos and Lautner joined the cast as doctors for the second season of the popular FOX series.

"We're not bright as doctors," Stamos mentions. "But pretty!" Lea interjects.

So what scares the "Scream Queens" cast?

Lea revealed her fears,

^ Lea, probably.

Taylor explained,

That princess wouldn't last a week in NYC.

This is where Lea comes in with advice for the "Screams Queens" newbie. He obviously needs it.

And what about John Stamos?

LOL, classic Stamos.

But on the real, the scariest thing on this list would be getting divorced from John Stamos. I mean, look at him.

I wouldn't mind going for a checkup every week if he was my doctor. He can do my physical anytime.

Watch the full video here. And make sure to watch "Scream Queens" every Tuesday on FOX.

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