Larry David & Bernie Sanders Are Related & No One Is Shocked

Obviously, not all curmudgeonly older men are related to one another, but it turns out two of the most famous ones are. That's right — Larry David and Bernie Sanders are related. The Seinfeld creator revealed he's actually related to the Vermont senator at the Television Critics Association this week, according to CNN.

This biological connection is probably one of the reasons Larry David is able to such a spot-on impression of Bernie Sanders. Throughout the last season of Saturday Night Live, David made numerous appearances as the presidential hopeful, earning praise from viewers who agreed it was a perfect casting choice.

While speaking about the return of his long-running comedy Curb Your Enthusiasm, David confirmed he will appear on an upcoming episode of the PBS genealogy series Finding Your Roots, and the episode will detail his relationship with Bernie Sanders.

David didn't say exactly how he was related to Sanders — the most specific he got was saying Sanders was "like a third cousin or something" — but the comedy writer said he was very happy to learn about the connection, although it wasn't a huge surprise for him.

I thought there must be some connection. I love Bernie.

SNL viewers are also probably not too surprised, given David perfectly channeled Sanders in sketches such as the Emmy-nominated "Bern Your Enthusiasm" spoof.

There's no word yet on when Larry David's Finding Your Roots episode about Bernie Sanders will air, but his series Curb Your Enthusiasm is returning for its ninth season after six years off the air on Oct. 1. David confirmed it will have guest stars including Bryan Cranston, Jimmy Kimmel, and Judge Judy.

Hey, maybe we'll also see Bernie Sanders pop up on the show? David and Sanders have acted together once before in an SNL sketch on the episode David hosted last season. Now that they know they're family, why not spend some more time together?