Lamar Odom Denies Ambushing Khloé Kardashian At SoulCycle Yesterday (Video)

Lamar Odom is clearing his name — or trying to, anyway.

The basketball player heatedly spoke with TMZ about his unfair portrayal in the media, specifically regarding his divorce with ex-wife Khloé Kardashian.

This outburst comes on the heels of multiple reports alleging a public fight between the pair outside of a SoulCycle studio yesterday morning.

According to witnesses, Odom just showed up, began yelling and even grabbed his ex-wife when she tried to leave.

But according to Odom, the meeting was prearranged, and reports of him grabbing her are completely false.

And that's not all he has to say.

Check out the video above to hear Odom's side of the story.

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