Kylie Jenner Is Trying To Make This Horrible 2000s Trend A Thing Again

Kylie, we all want to be on board with every trend you promote… mostly because you're a gorgeous, rich, famous 18-year-old but also because there's a fearlessness about you most of us can respect.

HOWEVER, we all refuse to climb aboard the Von Dutch bandwagon once again.

Perhaps you're too young to remember, but the early 2000s were a dark time for fashion.

Asymmetrical hemlines, chunky plastic belts, polos on polos on polos, shrink-y popcorn shirts, walking around with the word “Juicy” on our butts, super low-rise everything -- Y2K was the dawn of some horrifying looks, and Von Dutch hats acted as the cherry on top of some of the fugliest sartorial cakes of all time.

No one, it seems, warned Kylie Jenner.

Lately, Kylie's Snapchat has become an unofficial endorsement for questionable accessorizing.

Perhaps King Ky doesn't realize we are not all teenage superstars who could drape a bunch of used toilet paper over our bodies and make it look intentional and as flawless as untouched morning dew.

Yet, it is not Kylie's job to keep us stylish. It is our duty as civilians to remember Von Dutch is not a trend we can pull off without regretting it down the line.

Twitter users are already panicking.

Stay strong.