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Kylie Jenner Got A New Grill From Tyga That Costs An Insane Amount Of Money

One time, my ex-boyfriend bought me chocolates from CVS for $6.

I thought it was the cutest, most romantic thing ever.  It looks like Tyga's gifts to girlfriend Kylie Jenner are just A LITTLE different from my personal experiences.

The 26-year-old rapper apparently bought Kylie a new diamond grill, which she showed off in a post on his Instagram.

The caption reads,


How meaningful, Tyga.

I wondered how much that grill cost him. Maybe $80? Is that how much boyfriends spend on gifts these days?!

Well, according to TMZ, my guess was pretty f*cking far off.

Apparently, that grill cost Tyga $15,000. LOL, $15,000! DO YOU KNOW HOW MUCH CVS CHOCOLATE I COULD BUY WITH THAT AMOUNT OF MONEY?

That grill literally cost more than everything I own. It has more worth than my life.

Damn, Tyga. I can't wait to see what other jewelry you'll get Kylie in the future. (*cough, cough* Where's the ring?!)

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