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Kylie Jenner Said She'd 'Stab' Herself For The Most Ridiculous Reason (Video)

This week, “Keeping Up with the Kardashians” was generally the same as every other week for one glaring reason.

As usual, each member of the family pretended to be the star of the show, regardless of the fact the whole family would all still be spending weeknights at The Cheesecake Factory were it not for Kim's early 2000s-era antics.

During this week's episode, Kylie Jenner, the newest victim of the delusion she doesn't owe every golden moment she's ever experienced to her older sister, told Kim she'd “stab" herself if her pregnant sister, North and Kanye West stayed in her $2.7 million home while a portion of their home was renovated.

Forgetting she'd be living in a West Virginia University dorm room had Kim never scored a reality show for the family, Kylie went on to insist,

Nobody is staying at my house.

Everyone can understand wanting space from his or her sisters, but with nearly 5,000 square feet of property presumably paid for with “KUWTK” earnings, perhaps Kylie can make an exception.

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