Kylie Jenner Might Have Just Made Butt Tattoos Cool Again


On Saturday night, Kylie Jenner gave us a sneak peek at what seems to be some new ink.

She posted this -- very short -- video on Snapchat. Even though her face isn't shown in the clip, it seems pretty clear it's her under the needle getting a tattoo in an, uh, interesting place.

For those whose eyes haven't picked it up, that would be an ass tat. And because it's an ass tat, you get the trifecta of subjects that will always make Kylie Jenner fans start guessing: Kylie, Kylie's ass and a new tattoo.

And guess they did.

I mean, it looks like she did, which is super throwback-ish for her. When's the last time someone's even seen an ass tattoo and thought it was cool?

The last cool person worth mentioning who got an ass tat is Cheryl Cole, and she's British so she barely counts.

But it looks like Kylie may have just made it cool again for some people.

Then again, maybe not.

Well, looks like we'll have to wait and see what the tat actually looks like before we make up our minds.