The One Beauty Item Kylie Jenner Can't Live Without Is Actually Super Cheap

How many times do you guys need to hear it?

If you want to look like a teenage millionaire, all you need is some cheap $3 ChapStick. BOOM. Done.

What do you mean it didn't work?

Well, I don't know what to tell you, because Kylie Jenner recently told Cosmopolitan UK her beauty “essential” -- i.e. must-have, i.e. secret to her empire, i.e. thing she cannot live without — is a drugstore tube of ChapStick.

She told the magazine,

To care for my lips, I use ChapStick all the time… I always have one in my bag, it's an essential!

OK, look, you can keep going on about how you use ChapStick every day and your lips still don't look like two of those water wigglers from the aquarium gift shop stacked on top of each other, but that won't change the fact ChapStick is the most glamorous beauty tool of all time, according to King Ky.

Put ChapStick on your lips. Put it on your eyelids. Save the labels and make a wedding dress out of them for the day you marry that special someone.

Don't let your pride deprive you of this transformative tool.

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