Kylie Jenner Gets Real About Whether Or Not She's A Feminist

Some of us love to criticize the nepotism that landed Kylie Jenner in the spotlight. It's cathartic. But consider, for a moment, how pointless a human being Kylie Jenner could have been.

By the time “Keeping Up with the Kardashians” became a hit, Kylie was still only a child, who might have one day chosen to just coast off that family money 'til death do her part.

At 18, however, the youngest member of the Kardashian-Jenner sister-and-one-brotherhood is using her given name to run a business that will allow her to provide for herself.

Kylie, who identifies as a feminist, said in Glamour's June issue,

I'm a young woman, for one thing, and I don't depend on a man or anybody else. I make my own money and start my own businesses, and I feel like I'm an inspiration for a lot of young girls who want to stand on their own.

There's no denying Ky lived a charmed life long before she struck out on her own with her line of Kylie Lip Kits and Kylie Cosmetics, though she actively sought independence far earlier than most.

She admitted,

I haven't had a dollar of my mum's money for five years… Ever since I started earning my own money, I've paid for everything: all my cars, houses, clothes, everything.  I like to know exactly what's going on and I'm actually quite careful with what I spend.

Regardless of how it happened, Kylie Jenner is putting in work.

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