Kylie Jenner And Blac Chyna Making Small Talk Is The Most Awkward Thing Ever


The winner of Most Cringe-Inducing Interaction circling the internet this week is easily Josh, the guy who can't kiss.

Honorable mention, however, goes to Blac Chyna, whose run-in with future sister-in-law Kylie Jenner on a recent episode of “Rob & Chyna” has us all feeling pretty Josh-y.

Luckily, I've transcribed the interaction so local high schools may produce this tragedy for an audience, perhaps going so far as to add a few songs and save it for the spring musical.

Scene 1

(Blac Chyna enters the arcade. Kylie greets her. They hug tensely.)

Blac Chyna: We finally made it. We finally made it.

(Kylie gently flips her hair. Her eyes are wide with a mix of social anxiety and feigned enthusiasm.)

Kylie: Where's Rob? Is he here?

(Kylie quickly looks Blac Chyna up and down as Blac Chyna points into the distance at nothing.)

Blac Chyna: He's probably like… I don't know…

(Blac Chyna turns to Kylie's right, where her ex, Tyga, is standing with a drink and attempting to make his arms look so, so casual.)

Blac Chyna: Hey.

Tyga: What's up?

(The exes embrace. Both make sure to physically contact each other for as little time as possible while still technically completing a hug, despite having once created a third human between the two of them.)

(Kylie rubs her belly with her iPhone.)

Kylie: Oh my God! I'm so glad you guys made it! I didn't think you were coming!

(Blac Chyna scratches her arm because what is even normal when it comes to arms, really? Just do something with those arms.)

Blac Chyna: No, I know…

End Scene


Of the meet-up, which took place at a celebration for Khloé's birthday, Chyna told viewers,

Here comes Kylie and Tyga. I kind of talked to them for a moment because this is going to be my future sister-in-law. But, as I'm looking at Rob across the party, I could tell something was wrong.

Rob, of course, is not a fan of large gatherings, so the duo didn't have to stay long.

In his own candid moment, Rob tells fans,

Everyone's swarming Chyna and I… It's all love. I love it. It's all great, but it's just exactly what I did not want. I just feel a lot of eyes are on me and I just wish everything could be just normal and we just focus on Khloé. I'm not about the whole, like, theatrics and stuff.

Wow, Rob. You're not about the theatrics? Tell that to the 40 high schoolers memorizing their lines for this year's spring musical, aka “We Finally Made It: Chyna and Kylie At The Arcade.”

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