This Guy Has No Idea How To Kiss A Woman And We Literally Can't Look Away


Congratulations, if you weren't too confident about your kissing skills, you definitely will be after this.

Don't thank me, either. Thank Josh from TLC's "Love At First Kiss," who just might literally be the most awkward kisser in the world.

Don't believe it? Just watch the reality show contestant freeze up when it's time for him to kiss this woman.

WHAT IS THIS I got real tears rn pic.twitter.com/hyYioLmbTp — I'm 5'13 (@HoopsOverHoes_) September 18, 2016

Over the past couple of days, multiple videos of Josh's super-cringeworthy-yet-hilarious attempts have gained thousands upon thousands of retweets. That's because the whole point of the show is for people to kiss total strangers and see whether they discover an instant connection.

But Josh just ends up getting too frightened for the moment and stares with an awkward smile.


In fact, in that first video, he doesn't even actually kiss her. Josh ends up going for a strange kiss-on-the-cheek-and-hug combo.


Yeah bro, his scenes were that awkward. And emphasis really is on "scenes" here because that first clip is just the tip of the iceberg.

Multiple videos of Josh have been shared thousands of times, and the people doing the sharing can't avoid the obvious conclusion: Bruh, this dude's scenes are weird AF!

Check out exhibit B.

This is definitely the weirdest dude everI saw it so y'all have to too pic.twitter.com/7iPDHqxDg2 — I'm 5'13 (@HoopsOverHoes_) September 19, 2016

This super cute woman is excited to meet him, and he's just shaken to the core.


What follows in this particular scene is more awkwardness. He accidentally tells her he would mind if she tried to kiss him, before saying he misspoke. And then, he goes and actually gives a kiss that really did indicate he wanted nothing to do with her at all.


Good lord.

He's so bad he ends up having to get a kissing coach's help. The coach advises Josh to use his hands more and, to his credit, he listens. But, of course, he applies that lesson in a super awkward way.


Nonetheless, he ends up having a chance to make things right with another woman and, well, even though there's a little progress, it's still so strange.


"Love At First Kiss" debuted on TLC in August and seems not to have made much of a buzz. After videos like these, though, there's no doubt more people will know about the show, or at least Josh's appearances.

Ok this is the last one looked like the girl was tryna stop but he wasn't having it pic.twitter.com/xp6jy9LLDw — I'm 5'13 (@HoopsOverHoes_) September 19, 2016

See? Told you there were worse kissers in the world.