That Bikini Kylie Jenner Modeled From Her New Line Is Already Sold Out


Attention, women of the world: Kendall and Kylie Jenner have a new thing we must all spend money on if we want to look like them... bathing suits!

Yep, now that you've dropped most of your cash on Lip Kits and Fit Tea, it's time to spend what you have left on Kylie and Kendall's new swimwear line at Topshop, which launched on Thursday.

The good news is the suits aren't actually that expensive — all the items are under £50, which is about $72. I mean, that's not as good as the clearance racks at Kohl's, which is my preferred outlet for swimwear, but not bad for mega famous fashion models!

The bad news is that the cutest one by far, and the one Kylie teased on her Instagram last week, is already sold out.

Despite all my big talk, I'm bummed too. I mean, who doesn't want to look like Kylie Jenner? (Shh, just let me pretend my boobs would look like that if I bought this suit.)

Nothing makes me want something more than when I can't have it. Here are some real-time Snapchats of me trying to buy this damn suit.

"Cool cool cool, me just add this to my cart..."


Anna Menta

There are plenty of other cute suits to buy, like a metallic one-piece and a fringe skirt bottom, BUT I WANT THE KYLIE-MODELED ONE, DAMMIT!

So uh, hey, Topshop, how bout all this free publicity I'm giving you, eh? Eh? What if you just hooked me up with one of these cute yellow bikinis? Just a suggestion!

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