Kristin Chenoweth Nearly Had A Wardrobe Malfunction

"Hairspray Live!" was a complete and total success from its "Children of Men"-esque opening shot to Ariana Grande nailing it on the vocals.

But viewers were almost unintentionally given another treat: Kristin Chenoweth's exposed bosom.

While many fans were outraged that the cameras cut away from Kristin during her curtain call, they'll be comforted to know that it was all done to avoid televising a Janet Jackson-like wardrobe malfunction.

Here's the last recorded footage of Kristin before the cameras abruptly cut her out in a positively savage fashion:


Personally, I don't see anything out of the ordinary, but who knows?

Maybe Justin Timberlake was waiting in the wings ready to rip off the nearest article of clothing just like he did in that now-famous Super Bowl moment.

Of course, before news came out that this cut was done for Kristin's sake, people let their anger out on Twitter.


Basically, the internet was like, "You done goofed, NBC."

Someone has some serious explaining to do...

The description of the live musical's YouTube video set the record straight, saying,

*Reason Why Kristin got cut out of the bows is because her strap came off and exposed some areas sorry guys

You hear that, everyone?

This was all done so you wouldn't see Kristin's... uh, Chest-oweth (trademark). Nipplegate 2.0 averted!

It probably took a lot of bravery to cut away from Kristin during the most important part of the show: the curtain call.

It's basically the equivalent of saying to 12-year-old me, "Hey, you were great as Linus in 'You're a Good Man, Charlie Brown,' but you actually weren't that great so keep your bow brief so we can get to the real hero of the musical: Charlie Brown."

It's not like I'm still upset about that.

*silently cries for three hours*

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