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Kristen Bell And Melissa McCarthy Feel Each Other Up, And It's Hilarious

Kristen Bell and Melissa McCarthy make one hell of a team.

The actresses are starring in the movie "The Boss," which hits theaters this Friday. In honor of its release, Kristen and Melissa responded to the most common Internet searches about them.

They answered questions like "Does Melissa McCarthy have any piercings?' and "Is Kristen Bell naturally blonde?"

They also made jokes in between basically every question, which made the video even funnier to watch.

The best part, in my opinion, is when Kristen and Melissa feel each other up. YUP, THINGS GET A LITTLE HANDSY.

Kristen accidentally grazed the surface of Melissa's chest when they were talking. But then it turned into, uh, a little more than just that.

While cupping Melissa's breast, Kristen explained,

We do this in the movie so it's like no big thing at this point.

Fair enough. I guess Kristen and Melissa really are BFF goals. I mean, can you get any closer than that?

Check out the full video in the clip above, and be sure to see the duo in "The Boss" this Friday.

You can also watch the video at WIRED and WIRED's channel on The Scene, Conde Nast Entertainment's video platform.