Kris Jenner Just Got Owned On Twitter By An Office Supply Store


Great news, guys.

Staples Canada is joining in on the grand American tradition of ruthlessly dragging celebrities online and, turns out, it's AMAZING at it.

On Tuesday, Kardashian Czar Kris Jenner took to Twitter to promote online sales of her new, limited-edition $175 “Elegance" necklace.

Two days later, Staples Canada said what everyone was thinking.

That shit's made of paper clips.

Unsurprisingly, Twitter users are living for Staples' savagery.

Kris, mama, you've already sold us so many things/people we never wanted. Perhaps it's our own fault. We've made you believe we'll buy anything.

In the future, though, please exercise some subtlety or face the wrath of bargain office supply stores everywhere.

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