Who Just Showed Up In King's Landing on 'Game of Thrones'?


This post contains spoilers from "Game Of Thrones" Season 7, Episode 1. 

Last season's Game of Thrones finale opened with a major restructuring of the landscape in Westeros' capital city. Not only was the tiny neighborhood that surrounds the Sept of Baelor destroyed (along with the Sept itself), but several of those who held power were removed from out of Cersei's way, including everyone from House Tyrell who weren't named Olenna, a few unhelpful Lannister relations, and, of course, the High Sparrow.

Now that Cersei is remaking King's Landing in her own image, it's only natural that those who are attracted to power will come sniffing around to see about filling some of those openings left behind.

But how interested is Cersei in rehiring for those positions? One candidate found out this evening.

The show certainly did the best job they could keeping Euron Greyjoy's new look under wraps. There were no official photos of him prior to the season starting, and he wasn't shown in any of the promos.

In fact, the only inkling any fans had that he might decide to go courting Cersei Lannister and get a new look for the occasion, was due to some leaked photos on Twitter from filming in Spain last fall.


Still, a leaked photo or two could not have prepared us for the scene between the two of them tonight.

For the record, if Euron does come back (probably with a few poached members from Team Targ in lieu of more traditional gifts one gives a girl when trying to get her to go steady), how *is* Jaime going to react? Will he take his army, ride out, and try to slay a dragon, just to impress his sister ladylove? Will this become a "Who Can Kill More Members of Team Targ D*ck Measuring Contest"?


Or will Jaime finally wake up and smell the wildfire?

Game of Thrones Season 7's first episode is streaming now on HBO.com.