Kim Kardashian Just Uploaded The Strangest Photos And We're Confused


Whatever Kim Kardashian West was up to last night, it must have been an awfully festive affair because her Instagram started blowing up at around 10 pm yesterday with the weirdest photos. According to reports, she was attending David Grutman's wedding, and thanks to the photos, we all have a very inside look at how much Kim, Kanye West and other people enjoyed the party.

Kanye features in the photos of course, but there are also people who are impossible to recognize, ice cream, licking, eating and something that appears to be cotton candy. Oh, and each of the photos was tagged with a number, like 002 or 011, for some reason.

Check out the photos below. You'll see what I mean when I say weird.

The evening started off as a normal night...

...but things seemed to get out of control pretty quickly.

When I say out of control, I mean licking.

There's nothing too strange about this one, but why does it even exist?

Like, what's going on here?

Were you trying to make it so nobody could tell who these people are, Kim? If so, you succeeded.

Wait, now we're eating ice cream and taking more pictures of legs? What are you doing, Kim? Did you give your phone to North for the night?

Khloé? Khloé!?!? IS THAT YOU!?

Now, I'm back to not knowing what's going on.

Tattoos are cool, I guess?

Now seriously, what are they eating and where did they get it?

WOAH, KIM! Maybe back the camera off and re-angle the lens so it's not doing what it's doing. Or, is this what you wanted? IS THIS WHAT WANTED, KIM? CONFUSION!?

It seems someone's eyes were all over the place Saturday.

Why was everything shot in black and white? Who WAS everyone!? What were Kim and Kanye doing while they were at this wedding? Well, the commenters on these photos seem super confused. But, the one thing we know for sure is it looked like a heck of a wedding for David Grutman, the king of Miami night life. Anyway, Dave, I hope your wedding was as much fun for you as it apparently was for Kim and Kanye.

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