Kim Kardashian Is Producing A New Reality Show, And You Can Audition


Have you ever dreamed of working for Kim Kardashian and her family? Are you obsessed with the latest beauty trends and love creating makeup tutorials?

Do you know how to contour a face, arch an eyebrow and give the best winged-eyeliner tips?

THEN LOOK NO FURTHER. I have the perfect job opportunity for you. Or should I say "competition."

The one and only Kim Kardashian will be executive producing a new reality TV competition. Emily Lallouz, the show's casting producer, shared a message on Facebook explaining what the new series will entail.


According to her post, the show is looking for the next "Superstar Beauty Blogger," who could become the next beauty director of the Kardashian apps.

UM, WOAHHH. That's actually insane. SOMEBODY SIGN ME UP.

Lallouz also attached the show's official poster so beauty bloggers can get all the details.


In order to be considered, you're required to have a pretty large fan following, so it sounds like the competition is serious.

A source from the show spoke with WWD to share a little extra information about the series. The insider said,

We have got a huge response from bloggers. Everyone wants to be a part of the Kardashian empire. The chance to have a career with the biggest names in fashion and beauty is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity and even the biggest beauty bloggers in the country know that.

It's unclear what Kim Kardashian's role in the show will be, but we do know she'll definitely be behind-the-scenes and also serve as motivation for beauty bloggers to sign up.

Let the beauty blogging games begin!

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