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Kim Kardashian Says She's Lost This Much Weight Since Giving Birth

OK! OK! OK! Place your bets now!

Guess how much weight has Kim Kardashian West lost since giving birth to her baby a week ago?!

Money on the table! Winner winner chicken dinner! Other generic gambling terms!

Kim Kardashian West is a week post shooting Saint out of her hooha, and it's already back to business as usual.

She's tweeting like regular, doing her live stream like regular and proving Kardashian genes are pure genetic gold shared only with the ancient beautiful Greek gods and Liam Hemsworth.

During a live broadcast on her site that involved showing off her gingerbread house and a cameo from Caitlyn, Kim casually mentioned how much weight she lost after giving birth a week ago and the number doesn't make any actual sense.

Go ahead. Guess how much.

Nope! That number is too low (unless you're a dude, in case that number was probably close to 55 pounds because you don't know how women's bodies work).

According to Kim, she's lost 17 pounds since last week. Yeah, 17 whole pounds. That's like two average-sized frozen turkeys she's shed over the course of a week.

Damn, Kim. You'sa beast.

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