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35 Of The Best Kim Kardashian Memes In Honor Of Her 35th Birthday

Congratulations, everyone. You are officially here today, with us, to celebrate Kim Kardashian's 35th Birthday!

It has been 35 long, wonderful years of life on earth with Kimmy K, and I couldn't be more excited to throw this little, virtual birthday party.

I hope you brought some butt pads and a selfie stick because that's all you'll really need. LET'S PARTY.

Today is not just a celebration of Kim's 35th, but a chance to look back at some of her greatest moments.

From breaking the Internet with her badonkadonk to blessing our world with more selfies than I can count, it's been one hell of a ride with this girl.

In honor of her 35th birthday, here are 35 terribly hysterical (and questionable) memes to help get you through this day.

Let's take this moment just to appreciate how far she's come and how much her duck faces and booty popping have shaped us into the people we are today. God bless.

1) For when no one can be trusted:

2) For when your friends cross the goddamn line:

3) For when you realize you acted a little out of hand:

4) For when you're all about that healthy lifestyle:

5) For when bae isn't meeting your wants and needs:

6) For when you know you look hot as hell:

7) For when you can't help but overindulge:

8) For when you just need a minute to think:

9) For when bitches are playing dumb games with you:

10) For when you can't function on your own for one second:

11) For when the haters are talking but you don't give a f*ck:

12) For when you hear something you like:

13) For when bae likes what he sees:

14) For when you brush off all the haters:

15) For when your squad is MIA:

16) For when people are flat-out wrong:

17) For when you have no time for anyone's BS:

18) For when he asks you to Netflix and chill:

19) For when you're trying not to be toooooo bitchy:

20) For when it's Monday and you can't even:

21) For when doing your makeup becomes a real struggle:

22) For when you feel super alone:

23) For when bae doesn't give you credit:

24) For when you just can't handle ponytails anymore:

25) For when you're really feeling yourself:

26) For when you're making big bucks:

27) For when you're the shining star:

28) For when you're just smarter than everyone:

29) For when you're just tired AF:

30) For when you don't believe bae one bit:

31) For when you know the goddamn truth:

32) For when people don't know who they're messing with:

33) For when you want the attention you deserve:

34) For when multitasking becomes too difficult:

35) For when you don't look your age: