Kim Kardashian's 'Bachelorette' 'SNL' sketch had Tyler Cameron.

Kim K Parodied The Bachelorette On SNL With About A Million Celeb Cameos

So many stars!

by Daffany Chan

The latest Saturday Night Live episode featured a hilarious sketch with Kim Kardashian and a surprising amount of celeb guests. Kardashian, who headlined the show on Saturday, Oct. 9, showed off her comedic chops during a reality TV parody of The Bachelorette that even had an appearance by franchise star Tyler Cameron. Here’s what happened during Kim Kardashian’s Bachelorette SNL sketch that has the internet buzzing.

Kardashian’s highly-anticipated headline gig on the Oct. 9 episode of SNL certainly didn’t disappoint, with the celeb bringing together a crew of A-list guests to join in on a sketch. Together, they put a hilarious spin on The Bachelorette in a parody called The Dream Guy, which featured Kardashian playing bachelorette Rochelle as she gave out gold tokens to a group of bachelors — just like the rose ceremony from The Bachelor/The Bachelorette.

Unlike usual SNL sketches, which feature characters played mainly by the show’s cast members, Kardashian was joined by other celebs who played themselves. The star-studded list of bachelors included actors Chris Rock, John Cena, Chace Crawford, and Jesse Williams, as well as NBA player Blake Griffin (who’s also Kendall Jenner’s ex, of course) and former Bachelorette contestant Tyler Cameron. Comedian Amy Schumer also popped in for a surprise cameo. One SNL actor — Kyle Mooney — did take part in the parody, playing a silly character named Zeke.

After giving out tokens, Kardashian as Rochelle announced that she’s going to do something that “might be against the rules.” She brings on the producer of Dream Guy, who is played by Amy Schumer, who happily accepts a token. When Rochelle has one token left, she has to make a decision between Cena and Zeke. She shares the pros and cons for both contestants before announcing that she’s going to “follow her heart” and opts for Cena — though she adds that he’ll really need to clarify the situation with his wife first. The skit ends with Zeke jumping into the “pit” for rejected contestants, which is a bunch of flames behind the doors.

With so many outlandish jokes and celebs, Kardashian’s Bachelorette sketch will certainly go down in SNL history as one to remember.