Kim K Flew To New Orleans To Hang Out With A Fan On Her 21st Birthday


Look at Kim Kardashian West trying to pull a Taylor Swift.

If you're like (what I estimate to be) 87 percent of people with an Internet connection, you probably don't like Kim Kardashian West.

You may not have a firm answer as to why you don't like her, but you were sort of predisposed to not liking her.

Kind of like Arby's.

Kim is the Arby's of people.

This story might not change how you feel about her, but it will at least make you confused about your opinions of her.

It all started when a Kim superfan, Myleeza, got a shout out from Kim in a recent issue of Vogue Spain.

Myleeza posted the shoutout to Instagram and said,

I know. I KNOW.


Myleeza confirmed Kim would be coming down to New Orleans for a few hours to spend some time with her biggest fan.

Kim's Placenta even congratulated the newly legal birthday woman on this huge get.

Then, Kim arrived in New Orleans and immediately started chowing down on some beignets -- like, very fiercely chowing down on some beignets.

Myleeza could hardly hold it together. It really affected her sing-along skills.

Then, the two met.

In an Instagram post with Kim, Myleeza wrote,

Gifts were given.

Songs were sung.

Yeezy album secrets were revealed.

Kim's Instagram beauty secrets were disclosed.

A fun day indeed.

Weren't we supposed to not like Kim Kardashian West?

This is like the sweetest thing of all time. I have no idea what I should be feeling anymore.

I mean, Kim doing good without the benefit of gaining any major publicity?

What a change in attitude. I'm proud of her. This is a huge step for… What's that?

Mashable reports Kim shot scenes for an episode of “Keeping Up with the Kardashians” while they were at this fan's party?

Oh. So, this was probably less a goodwill thing and more likely a positive brand image thing?

Nothing changed.

I hate Arby's.

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