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Here's What Happened When Khloé Met Saint West For The First Time

Not that she committed a murder or anything, but Khloé Kardashian's alibi for the day Saint West was born is ROCK. SOLID.

If you're one of what I can only assume are three billion people who subscribe to Khloé's app, you were recently given a little gift in the form of a timeline breaking down the hour when Khloé met Saint for the first time.

You can choose your favorite part of the timeline if you want, but mine is undoubtedly when Khloé casually brags about having a parking pass to Cedars-Sinai Medical Center.

Sure, holding one's nephew for the first time is an undeniably special moment in one's life, but having a parking space in LA?!

That's a small miracle.

A baby is a small miracle too, but a parking space is just a little more miracle-y.

We will update you with more information on Khloé's parking spot as it comes in.