Kevin Hart Throws Pennies At Random Drivers In Hilarious 'Conan' Outtake (Video)

Conan O'Brien is my favorite person in the world. Diana Chang is my second favorite person.

Any time Conan gets away from his studio and shoots a remote segment, it's gold.

The segment that, ultimately, always stands out when people think of these remote segments is when Conan Lyft'd with Ice Cube and Kevin Hart two years ago -- even though he also Tinder'd with Dave Franco, Grindr'd with Billy Eichner and went to a Korean spa with Steven Yeun.

In honor of “Ride Along 2” coming out, the team reunited and hit the streets with a different goal in mind, the goal of teaching one of Conan's staffers, Diana Chang, how to drive.

If you haven't, you should check out the original video. Nothing is funnier than Ice Cube talking about how white Conan is.

Someone give these four a movie.