Kendall Jenner Showed Off Her Nipple Piercing In A See-Through Top

Kendall Jenner is not afraid to show off her tatas, that's for sure.

The 20-year-old model rocked a sheer black top while in New York City this past Tuesday. The shirt was as see-through as it gets because you could really see everything. And I mean EVERYTHING.

Like Kendall's nipple ring, for example. Remember when she got that pierced?

Her bejeweled bust (IDK, I'm sorry) was glistening in the sunlight. It probably blinded everyone on the NYC streets. PEDESTRIANS, WATCH OUT!

Here's a pic of Kendall Jenner showing off her nipple piercing. Happy Wednesday, everyone!

Kenny, you are such a trend setter.

She spent the day in the East Village with Gigi Hadid and Hailey Baldwin. Just the three best friends anyone could have.

I guess Kendall played favorites when uploading this pic to Instagram, though. Sorry Hailey, it looks like Gigi is the real BFF.

Kendall has shown off her nipples before. Remember when she added this photo to Instagram and Twitter?

The caption read,

my favorite photo for all 40 mill of you. genuine happiness...taken by lil Ky

Cleary she's a strong advocate of #freethenip.

Keep doin' you, Kendall. Keep doin' you.

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