Kendall Jenner is reportedly "more into [Devin Booker] now than ever."

Kendall & Devin Might Be The World’s Most Photogenic Couple

Here’s proof.

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Kendall Jenner and Devin Booker keep their romance extremely private, but they’ve been connected for over two years. ICYMI, In April 2020, rumors that Jenner was dating the Phoenix Suns basketball player hit the internet. For nearly a year, fans wondered if the pair were actually together. In February 2021, the two finally confirmed their relationship.

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The couple reportedly took some time apart in June 2022, but by July, a source told Entertainment Tonight they’ve “never seen Kendall [in love] like this” before. "Despite all her sisters being moms and settling down, Kendall was never interested in that,” the source told the outlet.

NINO/GC Images/Getty Images