Why Kelly Osbourne's Comment Does Not Equate Her With Donald's Racism

I’ve been a huge fan of "The View" over the years and have hung in there with the hosts playing musical chairs.

I endured the faux and real fighting, the inability to listen to varying opinions (resulting in walkouts and snap backs), the skinny conservative blondes and so on.

I really do enjoy the show; the concept of women sharing multiple views and getting along (well, until fireworks break out and someone gets fired) does make for entertaining and informative television.

The current cast continues to fluctuate, with Whoopi as the leader in all things, including opinions.

Nicolle Wallace is the resident blonde Republican (oh, right, she got fired – no fights that I’m aware of). Rosie Perez is the fresh Latina blood. Raven-Symoné represents the Millennials (or the attack thereof), and Michelle (What’s her name?) makes all hilarity ensue (I love her!).

On a Republican off-day (Nicole was out.), they decide to sub in Kelly Osbourne who’s been running around pitching her new clothing line (no shame in that game).

With Kelly on board, the daily Donald Trump segment began. When Barbara Walters was there, he was way off limits.

Just a slip of the tongue made Kelly headline news. She was commenting on Donald Trump’s comments about immigrants, Mexicans in particular, and in so doing said:

“If you kick every Latino out of this country, then who is going to be cleaning your toilet, Donald Trump?”

Social media went wild, as did all of Kelly’s superstar haters. Her ex "Fashion Police" E News family, in particular, played the snippet multiple times and slammed her in the nicest possible way.

They took the “high road” (really?!) when they said Kelly’s been very critical of other people and (or is that a but?) her words speak for themselves.

A fired "View" co-host, Sherry Shepherd, tweeted:

“ooh Lawd @KellyOsbourne latinos can only clean toilets…what are blacks good for? breastfeeding dem babies! Girl what did you just say?”

There’s so much I could say here, but I wouldn’t want you to misconstrue my comments.

The tweets that followed softened up a bit. (I mean, there is a co-host chair available, right?)

The real story here is about words. It’s about words being taken out of context, words we’ve been prompted or directed to say and words we mean, whether we take ownership of them or not.

Kelly did not say all Mexican people clean toilets. She surmised that "The Donald" may have Mexican maids in his homes or establishments, and if he lost them, he’d have a lot of f*cking toilets to clean.

Was that a racist comment? Are we nailing Kelly to the cross and letting others misconstrue her words?

Where’s Amy Schumer when you need her to set people straight? This deserves a laugh.

Look, people, when you’re speaking with your friends and colleagues, are you going seriously tell me you never say anything untoward? If we put your phone calls or texts on blast, would you come out clean?

Do you ever say mean, bad, or inappropriate things? I definitely do, and I know you do too because no one is perfect.

Not long ago, Giuliana Rancic took major heat for saying Zendaya's dread lock hairstyle smelled like “patchouli and weed.”

Giuliana was also slammed to the ground, leading up to a tearful apology that smelled of insincerity (or was that incense?), though her words were written by staff writers and accepted by the show's producers during taping and through airing.

They let her take the fall, but she landed softly -- scapegoat clothes tucked neatly away.

Kelly voiced her opinion at that time and was highly critical of Rancic (or maybe she simply wanted to quit the show with her confidant and friend, Joan Rivers, having recently passed away).

Let’s remember Joan never minced words.

The thing that really gets me is watching people who’ve been in similar situations go against their colleagues like some sort of high school witch-hunt revenge.

The whole mean girls act would be totally unnecessary if we claimed and believed in what we say, or when we get a little tongue tied, simply explain our intent.

This nonsense is exactly why Donald Trump is leading in the polls because he means what he says (even if he’s lying or deranged), and he sticks to it.

Note that this entire topic on "The View" came up because Donald claimed he’s leading in the Hispanic polls (not true), and will win the black vote (hell no).

A few weeks ago, I promised myself I wouldn’t publicly mention Donald’s name. He wins again (insert crying emoji). Thanks, "View!"

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