This Is Why The Kardashians Were Cut From The 'New Girl' Episode With Prince


In the weeks after Prince's death, it's become very clear *The Artist Formerly Known as Prince symbol* had a really funny, yet surprisingly endearing, disdain for the Kardashians.

Right after Prince died, there was a video that circulated the Web of the time he kicked Kim Kardashian off stage because she didn't dance well enough for him. It's the craziest video you'll ever watch.

The dearth of f*cks Prince gives in that moment for Kim Kardashian, and the entire pop culture universe, to be honest, is shocking. It's not that he didn't like Kim, it's more that he was bored by her in that moment and could not be bothered to continue acting like he wanted her up there.

Zooey Deschanel stopped by "Conan" on Monday night, and it turns out, she witnessed this odd relationship play out during the episode Prince shot with “New Girl.” The Kardashians were supposedly on an episode with Prince, and he had no idea, which led to showrunners awkwardly cutting them out after they had shot a scene.

You can watch the whole interview and Prince's scene in this clip.

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