Kanye West Just Announced He's Running For President In 2020

by Gillian Fuller

If Kanye West is known for anything, it's his flair for the dramatic: He is the king of shock factor.

His most memorable moment (arguably) was from the 2009 VMAs, when he rushed Taylor Swift onstage during her acceptance speech for Best Female Video (for "You Belong With Me") and announced that Beyoncé deserved to win the award.

Tonight, however, Mr. West may have finally topped himself.

During his acceptance speech for the coveted Video Vanguard Award — presented to him, ironically, by Taylor Swift — Kanye announced that he plans to run for president in 2020. And he was serious.

Only time will tell whether or not the rap king will actually go through with this plan. But if Donald Trump can run for (and actually become a serious contender for) the presidency, well then, so can Kanye.

Let's be real: He'd probably make a better prez, too.

#West2020pic.twitter.com/JE17lCwdzy — PAPER Magazine (@papermagazine) August 31, 2015

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