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Justin Bieber Took Shots With College Kids And Gave The Worst Toast Ever (Video)

Shots on Bieber, everyone!

The 21-year-old star partied it up with some college students this weekend on his way to The Chainsmokers show in Los Angeles.

On November 27, Bieber apparently made a stop at the 901 Bar and Grill in LA, a college bar right by the University of Southern California campus.

A source told E! News JB bought several students shots and had a "kick ass time" with them.

In the Twitter video below, you can see a clip of Bieber giving a toast before taking the shots.

Um, what was that Biebs? What did you just say?

It almost sounds like he's mumbling "PURPOSE ALBUM" but it isn't exactly clear. JB, I love you but I wish that speech was a little bit more moving. Bring me to tears, man. Make me feel things.

Either way, all I know is if Justin Bieber bought me a shot, my life would be changed forever. That bar should honestly be considered a national monument. Really.

JB, can you please keep us updated on when you'll be crashing bars so I can revolve my schedule/life around it?

Thank you, it would be very appreciated.

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