Julia Fox's quote about sex is surprising.

Julia Fox Said She’s Not “Thrilled” By Sex Anymore

She’d rather take a hallucinogenic.

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When it comes to sharing the intimate details of her life, Julia Fox isn’t exactly known for holding back. Josh Safdie’s muse has been sharing plenty of hard-earned pieces of wisdom about life and relationships on TikTok (where she has 1 million followers, BTW), and on Nov. 8, she appeared on Emily Ratajkowski’s podcast High Low With EmRata to keep the conversation going. During the interview, Fox got really vulnerable about her feelings about intimacy, and her quote about sex is fascinating.

I don’t [like sex]. I can go without,” Fox told Ratajkowski. “I’m, like, so good.” It sounds like Fox, who used to work as a dominatrix, doesn’t find sex very, well, sexy anymore. “I’m really desensitized to sex. It’s not thrilling for me… I wanna take ayahuasca and see God. To me, that’s thrilling. That’s cool. It just seems so trivial to me,” the Uncut Gems actor explained.

Ratajkowski clarified, “It doesn’t excite you?” Fox answered, “No.” To each their own!

It certainly sounds like Fox’s relationship with her own sexuality has changed over time. Back in Feb. 2022, she appeared on the Call Her Daddy podcast and shared what it was like to work as a dominatrix. “Through doing this, just for money, I ended up learning about my own sexuality which I’d never really had a chance to explore because my sexuality was always being used against me,” she told host Alex Cooper, per The Independent. “My sexuality was something to be guarded and protected and not something to be explored.”

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However, as she worked in “the dungeon,” Fox was able to recognize some of her own desires. She explained on Call Her Daddy, “In this very controlled environment, I was also able to explore my own. There’d be times in a session where I’d be like, ‘Damn, this is horny as f*ck’.”

According to Fox, her time as a dominatrix taught her that “everyone is a freak and we know it, so it’s like I won’t judge you and you won’t judge me.” And no matter what your sexual interests are, that’s a good lesson to keep in mind.