Jordan Rodgers Had Shady Motives For Going On 'The Bachelorette,' Source Says

Uh oh, is JoJo Fletcher setting herself up for heartbreak on "The Bachelorette"?

If you've been watching the show, it's clear former quarterback Jordan Rodgers is the front-runner of this season.

JoJo has made it completely obvious how head-over-heels she is for this man, even though she constantly questions if he reciprocates those feelings.

According to Us Weekly, it looks like JoJo has a right to be skeptical about Jordan's motives.

A source revealed Jordan Rodgers originally planned to join "The Bachelorette" in order to gain fame. As the brother of Green Bay Packers player Aaron Rodgers, Jordan has always been craving the spotlight.

The 27-year-old was cut by the Miami Dolphins in 2014 and has been living in his brother's shadow.

An alleged friend of Jordan told Us Weekly,

He knew football wasn't going to work out and he wants to be famous desperately.

The insider also shared,

Originally, Jordan wanted to go on 'The Bachelorette' to become the Bachelor. That was his goal.

On top of that, the source revealed Jordan had connections to get him on the final list of contestants. He apparently "plotted" the entire thing, rather than going on the show for the right reasons.

Things did apparently change for Jordan once he met JoJo, though. He wasn't too excited about the Bachelorette when he thought it would be Caila, but once the producers made the last-minute switch to JoJo, he got pumped.

The friend explained,

In the beginning, yes, Jordan went on the show for his career. But then it 100 percent switched. He was really into JoJo. He definitely fell in love with her.

So what will happen between JoJo and Jordan? Will she question his motives and send him home? Will he be given the final rose and end up on one knee?

I guess we'll have to keep watching to find out.

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