Another Character Just Showed Up At Dragonstone On ‘GOT’ & We’re All Screaming


This post contains spoilers from Game Of Thrones Season 7, Episode 5. It's been a couple of weeks since we last saw the Citadel, when Sam discovered germ theory and the magic of basic antihistamines and cursed Jorah with a whole lot of minor surgery and not nearly enough rum. But after a week away from that story line, this week's episode picks back up with the inevitable moment when Jorah arrives at Dragonstone on Game of Thrones.

I mean, we all *knew* that's where he was making a beeline for. It was simply a matter of when he showed up and how badly jealous of Jon he got once he arrived. Moreover, Jorah's timing is far better than some, like say, Theon Greyjoy, who's arrival at Dragonstone last week was badly timed in terms of getting to see Dany right away. (She's out, but if you send an email, we can maybe look for a time on her calendar for next Thursday?)

Instead, Jorah gets to sail up to the shore right in front of Dany, her now-full-grown dragons in their glory, as well as the new potential man in Dany's life, Jon Snow. It's everything he ever wanted and absolutely the last thing he wanted, all at once.

At least there are a couple of things Jorah has going for him, including the fact that Dany is very happy to see him. She even pulls a Princess Di moment and hugs Jorah, despite the fact that he was once contagious, showing that she's not afraid of him, and therefore no one else should be.


He's also got his last name. Like Sam, the Mormont name carries weight with Jon Snow, and not just because he respected the hell out of his father, Ser Jeor Mormont, but also because he's met Lyanna Mormont in all her scene stealing glory. Also, Jon carries Longclaw, which is the Mormont family sword, and technically Jorah's by right.


Poor Daario will never get to see Dany again, but Jorah, by always knowing his place in her heart, will be by her side until the end. Poetic justice that, for the man people deride as "Ser Friendzone."