Jon Snow Really Knows Nothing On 'GOT' & We're Sick Of It

by Anna Menta

Dear Jon Snow: I love you very much. Your hair is luscious and your pout face is adorable. The world has and continues to be extremely unfair to you, and I feel for you, I really do. But your ignorance on Game of Thrones is reaching critical levels. Every new episode I ask, will today be the day? Does Jon Snow know he's a Targaryen, finally? And yet the answers is always no. He does not know. All the clues point to him knowing nothing, yet again.

1. He didn't pick up on the huge clue Beric gave him to his true parentage.

In Season 7, Episode 6, Beric and Jon have a little chat when they go on their suicidal White Walker kidnapping mission. At one point, Beric says to Jon,

You don't look much like him… your father. I suppose you favor your mother.

Um, hint hint, Jon. Did you just hear what Beric said? You don't look like your father? Because Ned Stark isn't actually your father? Hello? But Jon doesn't seem to think anything of it. To be fair, he has no idea what his mother (Lyanna Stark) looks like, so I guess it makes sense he would assume he just looks like her. But still. Question the world around you a little, Jon!


2. He obviously wants to bang Dany.

Tyrion said so himself — Jon's been looking at Daenerys Targaryen with those big, brown eyes filled with longing. I feel like he wouldn't be looking at her like that if he knew Dany was his aunt. Yep, it's true — Rhaegar Targaryen, AKA Dany's brother, had sex with Lyanna Stark, AKA Ned Stark's sister. Then Lyanna got pregnant with Jon, making him Rhaegar's son, and Dany's nephew. But it seems pretty clear Jon doesn't know that because he's been making those google-y eyes at his aunt. Of course, maybe he just doesn't care. Incest is a dime a dozen in Westeros, after all.

3. He's not after the Iron Throne, even though he should be.

Jon Snow seems happy enough just being King of the North when in actuality he is the rightful heir to the Iron Throne. Because Jon's a legitimate son of Prince Rhaegar Targaryen and not a bastard like he thinks, and because male born children outrank female ones, Jon is actually the true Targaryen heir, not Dany. Clearly, Jon doesn't know this, or you'd think he'd be after the Iron Throne by now. Or at least trying to get in on this dragon-training business.

There's still one more episode in this season to go, so I'm praying that this Sunday's finale will finally be the day Jon Snow knows something.