Daenerys & Jon Snow Meet On 'Game Of Thrones' & It Wasn’t What We Expected

by Ani Bundel

This post contains spoilers from Game Of Thrones Season 7, Episode 3. Ever since Daenerys Targaryen left Meereen for the last time, sailing away from Essos and Daario, fans have wondered how long until we see her face-to-face with the characters we've known for so long in Westeros. So far, the show hasn't disappointed. Last week gave us Daenerys vs. Varys, and it was magical, as well as a Dany and Olenna Tyrell one-on-one. This week, from the first trailer for Episode 3, the show has hyped the biggest meeting of main characters yet: Daenerys and Jon Snow meeting on Game Of Thrones.

This is a meeting with lots of moving parts to it. Not only did Jon and Dany meet, there's also Jon and Tyrion's first meeting since Season 1. Varys will also get a look at the man who's been named King in the North for the first time. Then there's Davos, who has come with Jon Snow to Dragonstone. This castle was Davos' home for many years. It's where he was brought up from smuggler to Hand of the King by Stannis. (It's also where he lost his fingers.) It's where he and Shireen had so many happy memories.

And it's where the woman who killed Shireen, Melisandre, is currently hanging out. How badly can this go?

When it comes to this being the hoped-for, romantic meeting of two characters the fandom has been shipping, it turns out it was a little more like the beginning of When Harry Met Sally.

It didn't go at all like we'd hoped. And why should it? After all, these are two leaders who currently have 100 percent differing agendas and aims. Daenerys is, for lack of a better phrase, still focusing on what Jon called "Yesterday's Wars." She summoned him here to bend the knee and be her first major figure in her "Support House Targaryen" collection.


Jon Snow didn't come here to bend knees. He doesn't give a good goddamn who sits on the Iron Throne, and he's not interested in playing any games. Dany has dragonglass. Jon needs dragonglass. End of list.

But while the focus of the convo was Jon and Dany, and their talking past each other's agendas, we should not overlook Tyrion and Davos. Tyrion's expression, first of all, when Jon started going on about the Night King, was one for the meme collection. Earlier in the episode, the two seemed to be reconnecting, especially over Sansa. ("She's starting to let on," indeed.) It certainly helped that Tyrion was more than happy to confirm the marriage was not consummated and he's happy to let an annulment stand. Also, admitting that you never get used to the dragons was a nice touch.


But Tyrion's face when Jon started going on about the Night King was one for the meme-makers. It was a little like friending an old buddy from college on Facebook, only to have him start spouting crazed DNC conspiracy theories on your wall. Tyrion knows Jon's not crazy, but in terms of a good first-impression-after-all-this-time, you could see the doubt starting to creep in.

Meanwhile, Davos, who so far has been one of Jon's best lieutenants, almost lost his head and gave away the store on Jon's resurrection. It's one thing for Jon Snow to be spouting something that sounds like Old Nan's tales and hysterically demanding everyone get armed with dragonglass. But "Oh yeah, and I died, and this lady named Melisandre brought me back to life... hey, you haven't seen her recently have you?" is going to go over like, well, Yara's fleet when attacked by Euron. As it is, Dany and Tyrion are both going to puzzle over what "taking a knife to his heart for his people" was supposed to mean.


(Speaking of which, did you see that look that flashed over Dany's face when Varys told her that? Me too.)