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OMG, JoJo Siwa Is Ditching Her Signature Hair Bow Starting Now

They grow up so fast!

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Sound the alarm: JoJo Siwa is getting rid of her signature hair bow. Yep, the “Boomerang” singer, who built her career on colorful style choices and glittering hair bows, is kicking her famous hair accessory to the curb. The decision may come as a shock, but the fact JoJo Siwa is ditching her signature hair bow means she’s welcoming a new chapter.

Siwa had one very specific reason for wanting to switch up her style. As she told Instagram’s Adam Mosseri during Instagram and Facebook's Creator Week, it was time for her look, and her career, to evolve.

"I just had my 18th birthday and it was right around my birthday that I realized, 'I kinda wanna do my hair different today,'" she told the moderator. And after coming out in January 2021 to her family and friends, Siwa said the timing couldn’t have been better to embrace a new look. "It just felt like the right time and to do something different and to do something maybe a little bit more mature or a little upgrade,” she added.

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Siwa recently unveiled her bow-free hairdo for the first time, and her fans lost it after seeing the video. "I knew it would be a shock to people," she said in an interview with Entertainment Tonight. "I knew it was going to be like, 'Oh my gosh, JoJo put her hair down,' because people just don't see that. But I also did not expect it to go as [viral] as it did."

The big reveal came via TikTok and Instagram on May 30, and showed Siwa wearing her hair in long, loose curls. To fans’ surprise, there wasn’t a hair bow in sight. “Start of a new era maybe? I love it either way,” one fan commented on Siwa’s post. “YOU CAN LITERALLY PULL OF ANY HAIR DO,” another supportive fan said.

Siwa turned 18 years old on May 19, and it seems the start of adulthood coincided with a more mature look.