In a July 24 TikTok video, JoJo Siwa referred to Candace Cameron Bure as the "rudest" celebrity she'...

JoJo Siwa Called Candace Cameron Bure The “Rudest Celebrity I’ve Met”

Wait, what?

Kevin Winter/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

JoJo Siwa just called out Candace Cameron Bure. On July 24, the dancer partook in a viral TikTok trend of categorizing celebrities and TikTokers with superlatives. As part of the challenge, Siwa quickly flashed a photo of a celebrity from her phone when a category came up. She named Miley Cyrus the “nicest” celeb she’s met and called Elton John the “coolest.” She picked Zendaya as her celebrity crush; however, when it came to the “rudest celebrity” she’d met, Siwa flashed a photo of Bure.

Siwa didn’t explain her selections, so whatever happened between her and Bure is unclear. (Representatives for both Siwa and Bure did not return Elite Daily’s request for comment by the time of publication.)

A quick search on Getty Images reveals Siwa and Bure may have crossed paths when the former Nickelodeon star attended the premiere of Bure’s Netflix series Fuller House in 2016.

In December 2019, the two also appeared as guests in the same episode of The Kelly Clarkson Show and sat next to each other on a couch. They seemed friendly during their episode. At one point, Siwa even called Bure, “Queen of Christmas,” as the Fuller House star has appeared in several Hallmark holiday movies. On the show, Siwa even gifted her a Christmas bow that Bure promptly put in her hair.

The final superlative in Siwa’s video went to the celebrity that did her “dirty,” and she flashed a photo of SpongeBob. This is likely a reference to Nickelodeon, the TV network where SpongeBob SquarePants airs. Siwa has worked extensively with the network, though their relationship was seemingly strained earlier this year when she claims she wasn’t invited to the 2022 Kids’ Choice Awards.

As for Bure and Siwa, neither has appeared to publicly respond to Siwa’s video since it was posted.