John Krasinski Had The Best Reaction To This Guy's 'Office'-Themed Promposal


RED ALERT EVERYONE! This is very important if you're a fan of "The Office" and also a fan of happiness.

This "America's Got Talent" contestant is literally a real-life Jim Halpert and asked his crush out by reenacting that teapot scene between Jim and Pam.

And the best part is he even got the stamp of approval from Jim himself, aka John Krasinski.

If you don't remember the scene we're talking about, first of all, that's fair. It's been over a decade, after all. But hoo boy, are you about to remember.

In the Season 2 Christmas episode, Jim gives Pam a teapot filled with notes describing all the inside jokes he and Pam had shared. It seems like the most obvious declaration of true love you can get, but for some reason they don't get together afterward, leaving all of us groaning in frustration.


BUT LUCKILY our boy Jeremy from "America's Got Talent" took it a step further and actually asked the girl out in his love note.

In front of the judges and the audience, Hannah opened the teapot and read out a note that said,

You make me happier than pretzel day. Prom?

And guess what? SHE SAID "YES!"

See, Jim, all you have to do is actually tell her how you feel and everything can all work out!

My personal favorite part of this whole thing is Heidi Klum being totally lost while the promposal was going down, and Mel having to explain the reference to her.

Anyway, WAY TO GO JEREMY. And Hannah girl, just like Pam, you made the right choice.


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