Hilarious Video Shows Rapper Joe Budden Chasing 'Drake Fans' With Rocks


This is one of those times where you have to stop and just say, God bless the internet.

On Sunday night, a couple of videos showing Joe Budden chasing after a group of kids surfaced on Twitter and they are hilarious.

The incident began with the group, who people have been calling "OVO fans," running up on the rapper in his driveway.


And the scene ends with Joe Budden hitting their car with rocks and telling them that if they ever come back to his neighborhood, he'll "kill" them.


Here's the video of the kids running up on the rapper.

OVO fans running up on Joe Budden pic.twitter.com/IQb2Y8Lub5 — HIP HOP FACTS (@DailyRapFacts) July 25, 2016

And here he is driving after them in retaliation.

Joe Budden isn't here to play with y'll pic.twitter.com/8ymEBY4uFO — You (@KeyonceLDN) July 25, 2016

Of course, no hilarious incident involving a rapper is complete without memes, and Twitter made sure Joe Budden had one. People have been taking an apparent screenshot of Budden running after the fans on foot and photoshopping it to their liking.

Joe budden out here chasing down cars like will smith in bad boys pic.twitter.com/M3iIyfxjIu — F TRUMP (@DrewWhosUrDaddy) July 25, 2016

Even if these kids really are Drake fans -- which I guess would make sense, since the two rappers have a beef going on right now -- it was still pretty stupid of them to try this. That is, unless their aim was to make us all laugh, in which case, I totally support it.

Check out an extended version of the videos below, which includes a clip from Budden's perspective.

The Joe Budden chase both perspectives pic.twitter.com/2ASW2J1m0j — Damage Games (@DamageGames) July 25, 2016