JK Rowling Shares Adorable Photos Of 'Harry Potter' Babies On Twitter

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I thank Merlin every day for JK Rowling's Twitter addiction, which already brought us gems such as the pun that won the Internet forever.

Now, Queen Rowling is hitting the Internet with photos of "Harry Potter" babies, aka babies whose mothers are huge "Potter" fans and do things like name their children after "Potter" characters (which is very cute, maybe slightly worrying, but mostly very cute).

Two little babies were forever blessed with the gift of appearing on Jo's Twitter timeline. They are the new chosen ones, selected from the no doubt thousands of baby pictures Rowling received -- and will continue to receive, especially after this.

The photo trend started when a new mom tweeted an adorable picture of her baby, Hermione, to the author.

JK Rowling retweeted the photo for her nearly seven million followers, offering her congratulations. #blessed

Congratulations!https://t.co/fEHybi1J0G — J.K. Rowling (@jk_rowling) February 23, 2016

Then, other proud "Potter" parents started sharing their photos, hoping for a piece of that Rowling approval.

@jk_rowling This is my daughter Hermione, she's 5 now. <3 pic.twitter.com/yVvHaHpVm0 — Mirnie Ellerbe (@MirnieEllerbe) February 23, 2016

But, only one other baby was to be chosen by the queen on this day: little Sofia with a mark on her forehead, just like Harry.

@jk_rowling I read all the #HarryPotter books while pregnant. This is my daughter Sofia with her #harrypottermarkpic.twitter.com/7mFzVxewp5 — jo_mak (@jo_mak) February 23, 2016

Jo had the sweetest response for the future "Potter" fan.

Well, I'm not going to apologise because I think she looks beautiful! https://t.co/phBSlo14ME — J.K. Rowling (@jk_rowling) February 23, 2016

Imagine growing up knowing JK ROWLING called you beautiful. That kid's got magic in her future, for sure.

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