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Jessica Mulroney's Cryptic IG About Friendship May Be About Meghan

She got real in the now-deleted post.

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Meghan Markle and Prince Harry seem to have a low-key life figured out in Montecito, California, but that doesn’t mean they’re entirely free from speculation about their personal lives. Royal fans still keep close tabs on the royal couple, and Meghan’s family life, as well as her friendships, continue to make headlines. Recently, it’s come into question whether she and her long-time bestie, Jessica Mulroney, are still close. Jessica Mulroney's cryptic Instagram about friendship has fans convinced it’s about Meghan Markle.

There’s ~a lot~ of history between Meghan and Jessica. The two have been friends since Meghan’s days starring on Suits, which premiered in 2011. There’s strength in history, but it appears Jessica is on rocky terms with at least one of her friends, and she hasn’t specified which one it is. But in a new, now-deleted Instagram caption, she revealed she’s been going through a tough time.

"I’ve spoken about mental illness for years as well as being a hard worker my whole life but never thought I’d have to go through intense treatment the way I did this year," Jessica wrote in the now-deleted post. "I don’t blame anyone, any company who erased me without investigations or what the press made me go through. Just working on myself,” she said.

In another part of the post, Mulroney admitted there were times she lacked a support system. "It can be lonely having the world, friends distance from you and not even ask how you are," she added. "But thankfully, you find the things that truly matter.”

Mulroney reportedly deleted the post quickly after posting it.

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Fans already had one eyebrow raised when Jessica failed to post a tribute of some sort on Meghan Markle’s 40th birthday. Meghan’s decision to keep her circle tighter than ever has likely put some friends on the chopping block, but there’s no way to tell exactly where these two stand in 2021.