Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck's wedding body language was sweet.

J.Lo And Ben’s Wedding Body Language Was “Complicated,” Yet “Truly Intimate”

Here’s how a body language expert breaks it all down.

On The JLo

Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck eloped in Las Vegas on July 16, and the world will never be the same. OK, OK, so I’ve felt that way about Bennifer before — I mean, really, have any of us (even those of us who hadn’t been born yet) fully recovered from the OG pink diamond ring he gave her back in 2003? And yet, this moment might outshine all previous Ben/Jen moments to date. In J. Lo’s own words, their low-key wedding at A Little White Wedding Chapel was definitely “worth waiting for.” Plus, in a series of snaps from the special day, Lopez and Affleck’s wedding body language was seriously memorable.

According to Patti Wood, body language expert and author of SNAP: Making the Most of First Impressions, Body Language, and Charisma, Bennifer’s wedding body language was sweet and peaceful, a fitting ode to two lovebirds who found their way back to each other after 20ish years. “It’s complicated, but what I see here is really nice,” she tells Elite Daily. But what exactly does that mean? Ahead, a deep dive on all things Bennifer body language — and why you should 100% be rooting for this duo.

There’s True Joy And Intimacy

On The JLo

In an adorable black-and-white photo from the wedding, the happiness on Lopez’s face is palpable. “Her neck is elongated, and her chin is lifted up,” Wood notes. “That laugh is going up through her body and affecting the lift of her body.” Per Wood, this “up” body language is indicative of true joy and happiness.

Affleck’s body language in this pic is also worth mentioning. Notice how his eyes are closed as he’s kissing her? “For him, it’s truly intimate,” Wood says. “He’s just totally into kissing her.” So sweet.

Plus, there’s a surprising aspect to this photo that Wood points out. “This photo is unusual in that it’s portraying a response to a kiss,” Wood adds. The fact that that response is pure, unadulterated joy is definitely worth celebrating. Wood continued, “The photo seems like it’s almost a video with Lopez’s ‘up movement’ through the body.” Oh, what I would give for an at-home video of Bennifer’s elopement...

They Look At Peace Together

On The JLo

In another selfie from the wedding, Lopez and Affleck look incredibly happy together. Wood notices that J. Lo has a bit of an “I have a secret” smile on her face — veryyy fitting for a bride who just pulled off a surprise Vegas elopement. “Her eyes are really wide,” Wood says. “She’s so happy that she has this little bit of a secret with him.” Her subtle smile adds an extra layer of contentment to the picture.

Affleck also looks at ease (if a little tired) in the picture. See the softness around his eyes? “There’s ease and peace in his eyes,” says Wood, adding that the “musculature around his eyes isn’t sunken.”

Lopez Seems To Feel “Free”

On The JLo

In a solo pic from the wedding, Lopez was photographed smiling widely. “Her head is lifted up, and she looks free,” Wood says. Per her, that’s an “interesting emotional read” for a photo like this. Typically, “freedom” isn’t the main emotion you see in photos that capture a change in relationships (even happy ones, like marriage).

“She’s feeling a different freedom, or there’s something that’s been set free,” Wood adds. To be fair, after 20 years of not being together, getting married probably does feel something like freedom.

Here’s to Bennifer — and hopefully more wedding pics soon.