Jennifer Lawrence Says She Went To Jail For This Hilarious Reason


Jennifer Lawrence has the most Jennifer Lawrence jail story of all time.

There are some celebrities you would never think of as hardened criminals. It's just the way it is. Can you imagine Anna Kendrick doing hard time or Joseph Gordon-Levitt pumping iron in the middle of Sing Sing?

Me neither. The only crime either of them are committing is the crime of robbing our hearts in their various movie appearances.

Jennifer Lawrence is one of those celebs I can just never imagine getting in trouble with the law. I mean, no way in hell do I see her making it onto an FBI watch list.

Literally every time she goes near red carpets or stairs she falls over. Can you imagine her trying to run away from the scene of a crime? It would be adorably relatable, super quirky and highly ineffective.

Supposedly, though, we were all wrong. Jennifer Lawrence is a hardened criminal* and not meant to be trusted under any circumstances.

*Committed the least dangerous crime of all time by not getting a work visa when meeting with "X-Men: First Class" director Matthew Vaughn and then immediately confessed her crime to British customs agents and had to sit in a tiny jail cell in a London airport for several hours while things got sorted out.

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