Jennifer Lawrence Says She Cries Over The Kardashians All The Time


We all need to have a good cry sometimes. Van Morrison agrees and so does science. But what if you don't have something sad at the ready next time you need to bawl your eyes out?

Luckily, Jennifer Lawrence has you covered. According to E! News, Lawrence sheds major tears for the Kardashians because "they're under a lot of pressure." Not convinced the plight of the Kardashian Klan is really tear-jerking material? Just hear J-Law out.

While promoting "X-Men: Apocalypse" in London on Monday, Jennifer Lawrence told E! News,

She gets it, you guys. In case the Kardashians don't stir the same powerful emotions in you, consider the fact that Lawrence's continuing involvement in the "X-Men" series might be hanging in the balance. As she explained,

Maybe if we cry, Fox will pay J-Law a big fat bonus to star in the next installment. It's worth a try.

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