Jennifer Aniston Explains How You Can Get Gorgeous, Healthy Hair


Jennifer Aniston may be the most perfect human in the world. Not only is she extremely talented, but every part of her is flawless.

When I look in the mirror, I see a potato, but when Jennifer looks in the mirror, she probably sees an angel.

Whenever I watched "Friends," I thought about what I would do to have Rachel's hair. It was just so full of life. My eyes went back and forth between marveling at her glowing locks and being repulsed by my dead ends.

Just look at the way Jennifer Aniston's hair shines.


Look at the way it curls.


Look at the way it bounces.


So, what's her secret? How does she keep her hair looking so freakin' PERFECT? Well, the actress recently shared how her diet plays a big role in having healthy hair.

She sat down with POPSUGAR and told the site,

Whatever you put in your body, it reflects itself on the outside in hair and nails. So I think [diet is] important. And if you're not drinking enough water, it shows in your skin and your hair. That's like the first indicator of how healthy a person is, their skin and the health of their hair.

She also shared some of her favorite foods to eat for healthy skin and hair.

She said,

Well, avocados obviously are incredible. Anything that has really good fats — like nuts and avocados — and fruits. Always have a ton of greens for lunch or dinner. And beans, usually.

Jennifer also mentioned how dry shampoo has been her lifesaver for maintaining flawless hair. She typically uses it after she exercises.

She explained,

After I work out I usually run a hair dryer through my hair just to kind of dry up the moisture. Then I add the dry shampoo as sort of an added cleanser. It sounds bizarre, but it's actually better day two and day three. It's weird with the dry shampoo, it just kind of gives it more texture and nice, beachy movement.

There you have it! Now you know Jennifer's amazing hair secrets of water, good fats and dry shampoo.

It looks like I'm stopping at Trader Joe's after work to pick up some nuts and avocados. Do they sell dry shampoo? I guess I'll find out.

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