Jelena Vs. Jailey: Justin Bieber's Fans Are Going Crazy Over His New GF

Getty Images

In light of the touchy-feely vacation pictures posted to Instagram over the past week and one recent steamy make-out photo, it's becoming pretty difficult to argue Justin Bieber and Hailey Baldwin's relationship isn't happening.

Fans are speaking out during this extremely emotional time in favor of who they think would make Justin truly happy.

Shippers on #TEAMJELENA pray there's still a chance the "Love Yourself" singer will have beautiful pop star babies with Selena Gomez.

Other supporters are hopping on the #TEAMJAILEY bandwagon, thrilled Justin fell for a fan (even if the fan is part of a prominent Hollywood family and spends her free time at sleepovers with Kendall Jenner).

The die-hards, however, are #TEAMJUSTIN all the damn way.

It's about Justin, guys, not the women he chooses to vacation/Instagram/furiously make out with.

After all, if this 21-year-old millionaire can't find happiness, there's basically no chance for the rest of us.