U.S Senator dressed up as 'Ted Lasso' and Jason Sudeikis subtly had something to say about it.

Jason Sudeikis Subtly Shaded Mitt Romney's Ted Lasso Halloween Costume

It went down in the Twitter likes.

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Before Jason Sudeikis was everyone’s favorite soccer coach in the Apple TV+ hit show Ted Lasso, he played a slew of characters on NBC’s Saturday Night Live, one of them being U.S. Senator Mitt Romney. And although Sudeikis has gone on to play memorable characters in various films since leaving SNL in 2013, it looks like someone never really forgot Sudeikis’ portrayal of the senator: Mitt Romney himself. On Thursday, Oct. 28, Romney tweeted several pictures of himself dressed as Sudeikis’ character Ted Lasso for Halloween. The senator claimed he was “finally returning the favor,” and tagged Sudeikis in the tweet asking for his thoughts on the Halloween costume. And it looks like Sudeikis finally responded...kind of. Jason Sudeikis’ response to Mitt Romney’s Ted Lasso costume was super subtle, but still full of shade.

As Sudeikis’ followers know, the 46-year-old actor is notorious for not tweeting, but he isn’t a stranger to liking tweets. So, Sudeikis’ response came in the form of exactly that: a like. Although the actor didn’t interact with any of Romney’s Ted Lasso posts, he did like a tweet posted by former SNL writer, Alex Craze, which criticized the look. Craze commented on Romney’s Ted Lasso costume by saying, “the scariest thing he could think of was kindness.” Romney posted five, yes five, pictures of his costume, so Sudeikis’ sole like in response can really be interpreted as some seriously subtle shade.


Craze wasn’t the only who commented on the senator’s costume, late night hosts Seth Meyers and Jimmy Kimmel, unsurprisingly, had something to say. Meyers shared with his viewers Romney’s picture of him serving biscuits to Democratic Senator Krysten Sinema and noted, “Man, you know you’re unpopular when you can single-handedly ruin one of America’s favorite TV shows.” Kimmel had an equal amount of fun commenting on the exchange between Romney and Sinema, “Ah, they're having so much fun while the country dies, aren't they?”

The Utah senator called Sinema “one tough cookie,” which many have come to think hints at Sinema’s position in the Senate right now. According to The Washington Post, Sinema and Democratic Senator Joe Manchin III have complete power to say either yay or nay to President Biden’s agenda. So, much like Ted Lasso, Romney stayed in character and presented Sinema with biscuits similar to Lasso who bakes for AFC Richmond owner and business executive Rebecca Welton (Hannah Waddingham).

Ted Lasso won seven Emmys at the 2021 award show, with Sudeikis taking home the award for Outstanding Lead Actor in a Comedy Series. So it’s safe to say that this world is only big enough for one Ted Lasso.