Jasmine Went After Christen On ‘Paradise’ & Twitter Exploded


Another week, another explosive love triangle on Bachelor in Paradise. This week, it's Matt at the center of all the drama, who finds himself caught between two women when Christen enters paradise. Up until this point, Matt and Jasmine have been a pretty solid couple, but Matt started to show some interest in Christen after her entrance, and that did not sit well with Jasmine. Pretty much right from the get-go, Jasmine and Christen fight over Matt and the tension builds on paradise.

Upon entering, Christen pretty much immediately locked on to Matt and asked him on a date. To Jasmine's surprise, Matt said yes to the date, and it sent Jasmine into an angry tailspin. She got so upset that she confronted Christen in the house, calling her "sneaky and slimy" for going after Matt after knowing that he was already coupled up with her.

It seemed kind of sneaky and slimy from what you said to me, but do you.

Christen defended herself by saying Matt came up to her and said he was open to seeing other people (which is true, by the way), but it was too late to end the feud. Jasmine stormed out and Christen pretty much immediately fell into tears. The showdown caused Twitter to blow up with hilarious reactions, including people pointing out Jasmine should probably be mad at Matt instead of Christen, and that Matt probably just isn't as into Jasmine as she is into him.

And the confrontation only became more intense from there. After Christen and Matt went on their date (which didn't seem too fun, TBH; they like tried on swimsuits at a store or something?), Jasmine immediately jumped into Matt's arms and tried to make out with him in front of Christen.

Honestly, I don't see why Jasmine is so ready to attack Christen and not Matt, the guy who told Christen he was open to seeing other people besides Jasmine, but whatever. I guess this is how things go in Paradise.