Here's How Jane's New Guy On 'Jane The Virgin' Ranks Among Her Other Lovers


Despite what the show's title may seem to suggest, Jane Villanueva has found herself with her fair share of sexy men.

And now, Jane has a new hot guy in her life, and it looks like they'll be taking things to the next level very soon!

On Monday night's new episode of "Jane the Virgin," Jane made a love connection with the constantly shirtless telenovela star hottie, Fabian.

After helping her gain Twitter followers with a surprise fake date and gifting her with a book full of his selfies that would rival even Kim Kardashian's, Jane realizes that not only his Fabian a swoon-worthy hunk, but he actually cares about her as well. Thus, bringing her to the conclusion that she intends on hitting that!

Things are clearly about to get hot and heavy with Fabian real soon, but will his romance with Jane become more than just physical? Let's take a look at where Fabian falls in my ranking of Jane's various love interests throughout the past three seasons.

 5. Dennis


Jane's first foray into the dating world after Michael's tragic death is with his police buddy, Dennis.

Though Dennis is super sweet, it's very clear the romance between him and Jane is forced, as they only bond over memories of Michael. Thankfully, they go back to being just friends after one awkward date.

4. Fabian


We don't know a lot about the telenovela hunk yet, but we do know that he's incredibly hot... and that's enough for Jane!

And although he may be a bit dopey, Fabian is also a total sweetheart who clearly cares for Jane. It's kind of hard for me to believe this relationship with Fabian will become anything more than just physical, though...

3. Professor Chavez


Professor Chavez seemed to be the total package — an intelligent literature professor with a banging body right out of "Magic Mike" (literally).

It's no wonder Jane had first decided to lose her virginity to him... before having a panic attack and changing her mind. In the end, Chavez just wasn't the man Jane wanted, and their relationship did feel more academic than romantic most of the time.

2. Rafael


You all knew this was coming... although about half of you probably thought he'd be one spot higher.

Rafael has proven he's much more than just the father of Jane's child time and again, showing up to support her when she needs it the most. Though the bulk of their romance is in the distant past of season one, Rafael still feels like the man Jane will end up with in the long run... although recently he's more into Petra.

1. Michael


C'mon, guys: Number one's gotta be Michael!

Jane's one true love was willing to do anything to make sure she was safe and happy. Not only that, but he also had a fun-loving goofy side that none of the other guys on this list do. Though Jane is going to be exploring the dating world with other men now, it's clear none of them will compare to Michael.

TBD: Adam

There's one more dude in the running, although we haven't met him yet.

Tyler Posey will pop up in the season three finale in the role of Adam, according to TVLine. There's speculation Adam is a man who Jane passionately loved in her past, so Posey's appearance is sure to set off sparks! We'll have to wait and see how he fares with Jane's other loves.